A few examples of our service are yard and house clean up, maintaining the irrigation system, general handyman services, identifying items in need of attention, recommending and supervising contractors. Our service goes way beyond just simple property management and home maintenance.


The following services are among those we are currently performing for Homeowners like you:


1. Bi-monthly on-site inspection of yard and home’s exterior with e-mailed photographs
2. Maintain landscaping by removal of debris and unwanted advertisements
3. Inspect home after wind storms and summer monsoons
4. Inspect irrigation system, clean or adjust heads
5. Adjust light timer(s) if accessible and replace bulbs as needed
6. Look for obvious insect and/or pest presence
7. Weekly on-site inspection of home, both interior and exterior
8. Full yard clean-up for new customers if overgrown
9. Photos taken to show progress made during new construction
10. Run water in all plumbing fixtures to prevent drain traps from drying out
11. Available to be at your home for furniture or other deliveries
12. Supervise home improvements such as painting, carpet cleaning, etc.
13. General house cleaning service
14. Turn on AC/Heat and Hot Water prior to your arrival
15. Stock the refrigerator based on your shopping list
16. Maintain stored vehicle batteries (add water and charge)
17. Check and if needed add air to stored vehicle tires
18. Respond to any emergency following your phone call
19. Arrange for airport shuttle service
20. Convenient monthly billing with discounts for annual/semi-annual service commitments

We hope you will give us the opportunity to visit your property and submit a quote for a customized service package meeting all your needs. We do have a basic package starting at $56 per month that includes the first six items shown above.


For further information, we can be reached at:
Local: (928) 754-8305

Cell Number (928) 715-8305

Fax: (702) 479-5401